The principle of lesser evil was formulated by Aristotle: "People always choose the lesser of two evils." Isn't that obvious? But this principle remains relevant to this day. However, this is a choice between two clearly bad things - and often society and culture impose this principle as a guideline for our behavior. It's because of this contradiction that we use the name Lesser Evil and the principle itself in our games.
Dead Gunslinger
Sometimes I envy the irreversibility of death.
The game tells the story of a nameless gunslinger, died in the middle of the wasteland and raised from the dead. His path is a kind of Limbo, through a world enveloped in hellfire and on the verge of destruction, in which he tries to understand who he is and how he got here.
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Our mission is to make premium video games with
Strong narrative,
Smart mechanics
Difficult choices.
Fuad Kuliev
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Dmytro Kostiukevych
Boris Nikolaev
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